We practice the Virtues of Good Web Design

WegnerWorks has been in business since 1999 and we are professionals with superb business experience in the fields of web design and web programming.  We believe in writing code which is simple, clean and well-commented to accommodate future enhancements without having to start over.  We believe in being affordable and high quality.  WegnerWorks is proudly based in the United States and we do not outsource programming to foreign countries. We understand the nuances of language and this culture.

  1. Code Readability
  2. Validated Code using W3 Web Standards
  3. Effective use of CSS
  4. Well-commented code
  5. Clean Code
  6. Use of standardized JavaScript including JQuery to resolve browser inconsistencies
  7. Use of Frameworks to leverage prior lessons learned
  8. Scalability
  9. Secure
  10. Easy to update
  11. Easy to improve
  12. Modularity
  13. Stability
  14. Statistics
  15. Included Files
  16. Properly scoped variables for security
  17. Templates

Our Clients